Enjoy The Journey

We are all heading somewhere and most of us are so focused on the destination, that we completely ignore the journey.  We have all heard the phrases "I got goals" or "On my grind.”  Which are very effective when followed by action, but most of the people saying these things are looking for instant gratification.  They completely ignore the fact that it takes commitment and consistency to reach our goals and achieve our dreams.  So why not enjoy the journey!  One of my favorite quotes is  “Without commitment, you’ll never start.  Without consistency, you’ll never finish.”

Now you know we can't have a website called Word Only Apparel without giving you some Word Up in here. Lol!  My favorite book tells a story about a guy name Joseph, which begins in Genesis the 37th chapter.  I am paraphrasing so don't get all bent out of shape if I don't sound like a theologian.  Joseph found out at an early age that he was gifted and he shared that gift with his brothers, who already didn't like him before and now they were really hating on him.  And that's where his story begins: His brothers wanted to kill him, but the Lord was with Joseph and they sold him into slavery instead.  If that wasn't bad enough they lied to their father and told him he was dead.  And you thought you have family issues!  This is why it's so important to honor where we are with our best effort!

As a slave Joseph could have been bitter, blaming his brothers for his situation, but instead of focusing on the negative and being a victim.  He decided to use it as fuel and allow humility to be the driving force to take him to the next level.  He performed his duties so well that he was promoted to supervisor and managed everything in the house except his masters wife.  Then Joseph was lied on by his masters wife and thrown in prison and there was nothing he could do about it, but be the best inmate he could possibly be.  He was such a good inmate that he obtained favor with the prison warden, and was given authority over all of the other inmates.

So after fearing for his life at the hand of his brothers, his dad being told that he was dead, being sold into slavery, and being falsely accused and thrown into prison.  He still found the faith to endure and keep moving forward!  Oh boy! One of those situations would be a lot for anyone to take, and he made it safely through all of them.  How you ask?  Throughout his journey we are constantly reminded that the Lord was with Joseph, and He is with us throughout our journey as well.  And if God be for us who can be against us Romans 8:31.  Joseph learned how to enjoy his journey, through his faith, humility, the tenacity to be obedient, and the ability to honor where he was with his best effort.

In the end, Joseph reached his destination by using his gift and it made room for him Proverbs 18:16.  He was brought before Pharaoh and through his gift he was able to interpret the dream that was plaguing him and deliver Egypt from a terrible famine approaching.  Because of his gift Joseph was given dominion over all of Egypt, no one was above him except Pharaoh himself.  When we learn to enjoy the journey, no matter how bad it may seem, God will allow it to workout for our good and we will victoriously reach our destination.

"Honor Where You Are With Your Best Effort!"


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